Helpful Resources for Online Marketing and Web Design

I've spent a good amount of time researching the best online marketing, web design, and SEO techniques. Below I've listed the links to a number of sites that I've used in the past, and often still refer to.

Coding Forums & Tutorials

When I'm stuck on a question about coding, I go to the experts. Here are a number of forums and tutorial sites that I've taken advantage of over the years.

Coding Tools

Conveniently, there is already a whole lot of code and code generators out there! Here are a few of my favourites.

Web Design Tools & Tutorials

Designing a website requires a unique set of skills and tools. From choosing the right colours for your site, to ensuring the fonts you want will work on most browsers, here are a few resources I use when designing a client's site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is key!! I can't stress this enough. If you're not doing it right, you will undoubtedly have missed opportunities. Make sure you are found online with the help of these resources.

Useful Marketing Tips

I've come across a number of articles and blogs over the years that address key elements about online marketing and web design. Here are a few of my favourite.

Useful Marketing Books


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